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FLAMING RED, Patty Griffin's New A&M Album
Catches Fire On June 23, 1998

Since A&M Records released 1996's LIVING WITH GHOSTS, the demos that got Patty Griffin signed, the singe-songwriter has been hard at work making her first studio record. FLAMING RED, her first fully-produced album due out this June 23, finds Griffin doing what she always intended--turning up the volume and completing her vision.

Towards that end, she released band versions of her singles "Let Him Fly "- and “Every Little Bit” to radio last year and soon after hit the studio with a group of accomplished musicians. FLAMING RED, produced by Jay Joyce and mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, preserves the emotional purity of Griffin's material while intensifying it with the bold, new-found fire of electric guitars percussion and keyboards.

Additionally, Patty Griffin music will be featured in two upcoming films:

The Newton Boys" soundtrack for the new Richard Linklater's film (out March 17 on Sony Music Soundtrax) features Griffin accompaning Austin" s legendary Bad Livers on a roaring 1920's banjo-driven cover called "Copenhagen".

The previously unreleased "Regarding Mary" can be found on the "Niagara Niagara" soundtrackout V2/Shootina Gallery Records April 7th. The film starring Robin Turnney as a Tourettes-sufferer, also highlights "Not Alone " from Griffin's first record.



Patty Griffin Quicktime Movie- "Sweet Lorraine"

PATTY GRIFFIN - Performance Review

"Fridays At Track #14"- Nashville, October 10, 1997 

On a beautiful Friday evening, at approximately 6:10 pm, Patty Griffin took the stage on the Upper Veranda behind Union Station in Nashville, Tennessee. Joined by the legendary Buddy Miller (!)(who most recently has been touring with EmmyLou Harris), Patty opened the 50 minute set with a new composition entitled "Illusions" (?). The new song (a least for this reviewer), featured Patty signature vocals and acoustic guitar with Buddy on electric guitar and background vocals. Ms. Griffin who is a recent resident of Nashville, mentioned that she was a bit "rusty" in front of the audience since she has been in the "studio" working on her new album. The neatly tailored setlist featured Buddy's sensitive electric guitar throughout, with highlights being "Cain", "Nobody's Crying", "Christina" (based on a dream about Christina Onassis) and "We Are Water".  

 The set list was as folows: "Illusions", "Poor Man's House", "Cain", "Nobody's Crying", "You've Changed", "Sweet Lorraine", "Christina", and "We Are Water" for a closer. The enthusiastic crowd would not let Patty leave without an encore and she responded with a solo version of "Every Little Bit" from her debut release, "Living With Ghosts" 

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"Living With Ghosts" Factoid:

The tracks on "Living With Ghosts" were actually intended to be "copyright demos", with no plans for commercial release. A&M loved the performances so much, that it was decided to release the tracks "as is". "Mad Mission" and "Time Will Do The Talking" were recorded in Nashville, TN and the remaining songs were recorded in Boston, MA, near Boston Hospital on an ADAT machine. In fact, you can actually hear an ambulance siren on "Not Alone". How 'bout that! 

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